Children, capital and career

I wonder if I’ve missed something, some point, some hilarious joke that now I know about, I can heave a huge sigh and let it all go. It… What is IT? Is it the feeling of helplessness when ones teenager disengages with everyone except the people in his computer? Or is it the drain of resources that comes with owning one’s house. Or is it the dread of going into work with promise and hope only to find oneself cussing and seething at others due to their selfishness and lack of general concern for anything other than themselves. So, in a nutshell it is children, capital and career. I blame the system for perpetuating the cycle. If I had not been encouraged by my teachers to aim high, be career driven, then I would be quite happy sewing alterations, growing herbs, cooking for stalls, apparently demeaning work, then I could possibly have very little expectations and therefore a short fall from grace. Equally, if every dingle story or movie I had been subjected to had not involved Mr and Mrs Perfect and their little perfect little cherubs then I would not be so mortified when my child grunted a response to my question ‘how was your day?’ (Damn that Brady Bunch). Hmmm it’s not that the world is unimaginable… Moreover it’s that our imaginativity is NOT the world.

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