Belief, my word for 2015

As part of the Edustory Blogging Challenge I have been asked to come up with a word, one word, that will inspire me in 2015. This task was actually not as difficult as it first sounded, narrowing the field down to just one singular word that provided the most gravity when said out loud, or simply whispered. Belief – my friend. To say that it is important to believe in oneself is an almighty understatement. And that’s the problem, there is simply not a switch. The, ‘ok let me get this belief thing happening, I’ll just go over here and switch this thing on, whola, I’m believing in myself!’ If only it could be so simple. Instead, we must endure ongoing questioning from ourselves, “Am I doing this right?”, “Should I just give up and do something else?”, “Who really cares anyway?”. Hmmm, to overcome these voices and to really back oneself requires a quality called Grit, the very close relation of determination. The word grit conjures up a ‘dirtier’ version of determination, by definition you know you are going to get your hands dirty if you are a ‘gritty person’. Angela Duckworth defines grit as: perserverance and passion when working toward long-term goals. She also says it requires strenuous effort over a long time, despite failures, adversity and plateaus in progress. Wow, what a downer that last bit is! It certainly sums up teaching at times – plateaus in progress, most definitely. My new best friend will be stamina, stamina to motivate myself, stamina to toil away at my goals, and stamina which is fuelled by belief. Even when the inner questioning threatens to erode my confidence I am going to look at my word, stop, breathe and know that when everything else disappears I still have my self, I still believe in myself, I have belief.

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