A road I choose to travel

Open letter to my friends and support network:

944653_10153777993220675_8913182289449508217_n.jpgLast week I announced to my friends that I was trying something completely different this year.  This exciting ‘adventure’ has been a long time coming.  Over the years I have studied my butt off, firstly was my accounting degree whilst the boys were little, then my CPA qualification. About 8 years ago, after being divorced for 2 years and struggling to keep up with being a Mum and working full-time as an accountant, I opted to study again.  It meant sacrificing – alot! I walked away from a regular income to take a year off to complete a Grad Dip Ed and become a teacher.  In my mind, this pathway not only suited my love of learning (and desire to do something to inspire others) but it also was intended to be a career that would offer me more flexibility with my boys.  8 years later and I can honestly say I was wrong and I have done my kids a disservice (plus almost had a serious breakdown).  Don’t get me wrong – I love the classroom, the kids are amazing and it’s those ‘a-ha’ moments that I live for.  But teaching is more than that, schools are a complex and demanding place. The constant pressure to do more and more, coupled with my character traits of being a motivated and ‘determined to do everything well’ person, has seen me giving more and more, and these schools taking more than I have to give.

  So, here I am at a crossroad – over school holidays I asked myself continually: ‘what do I do?’ ‘how do I make the change I need in my life?’ Hmmm….it took a call from my friend Suzy, who now lives almost 1000km away, to stimulate a spark that had been there all along.  You see, I realised I have never been paid my worth and I never would if I continued.  My kids are older – one at uni this year, one in Year 12 and the youngest entering Year 10.  I have an opportunity to do something now, or continue giving and giving to a system that is not giving back.  So this is what I am doing….

6 years ago Suzy introduced me to Arbonne and I have been using it consistently since. Those orange bottles have always been in my bathroom cupboard waiting for me morning and night. Sometimes you trya product on urging from a friend and then move on…I never have, I love the botanicals in this skincare and the benefits I see in my skin. Over the time I have slowly incorporated the make-up products into my beauty routine. As you all know, I am not a ‘girly-girl’ and I opt for a minimalist routine. But upon trying the basics, I have never wanted anything else. These products work, but that’s another story.

   S0, yes – you have worked it out.  I have decided to start my own business and become an Independent Consultant for Arbonne.  NOT to drive my friends crazy, NOT to pressure anyone into anything they don’t want, but to have a go at doing something that I believe in.  And, at the end of the day, the week, the month, the year, I am putting a price on what I think I am worth.  Somebody else does not get to determine that anymore…and the best thing, my kids and my partner will get the best of me.  And for everyone else…I hope you will find how incredible the products are, like I have.  If not, then you will not hurt me feelings. Everyone has one life to live…this is how I am giving mine a shot.  So, yell out if you want to know more, want some samples and most of all…Wish me luck,



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